Chitosan benefits

What is Chitosan?

Chitosan benefits

Chitosan, also known as deacetylated chitin, is a polysaccharide found in the exoskeletons of crustaceans. Chitin is a starch that can be found in the skeleton of shellfish such as shrimp and crab. Since 1859, when the Frenchman Rouget first obtained chitosan, chitosan benefits have been widely concerned by all walks of life, and major progress has been made in many fields such as medicine, food, chemicals, and biomedical engineering.

What is Chitosan benefits?

Cholesterol control

One of the biggest problems with human health is cholesterol, which causes many serious diseases. Chitosan has two mechanisms for lowering cholesterol. One is to prevent the absorption of fat and the other is to excrete cholesterol from the body’s blood. First, chitosan inhibits the activity of lipases that help with fat absorption. Lipase breaks down fat and allows the body to absorb it. The other is excretion of cholic acid. Once cholic acid is excreted, cholesterol in the blood is used to make cholic acid. These two mechanisms make chitosan a strong cholesterol scavenger. Chitosan is a natural material with strong anionic adsorption and is suitable for lowering cholesterol without any side effects.

Weight Loss

Because of Chitosan effect on the binding of fat, it is a popular choice for weight loss. Chitosan is effective for weight loss because of the fact that it binds to lipids in the gastrointestinal tract, decreasing the absorption of the lipids (or fats). This leads to a lower body weight.

Chitosan does not work by making you feel less hungry like some ingredients you will find in weight loss supplements. It works by actually helping fat pass through your body instead of storing in the fat cells.

Inhibiting bacterial activity

Chitosan is easily dissolved in weak acid solvents, especially, the dissolved solutions contains amidogen (NH2 +) that inhibits bacteria by binding negative electrons. This property of inhibiting bacterial activity, makes chitosan widely used in medicine, textiles and food industry.

chitosan for blood pressure

Prevention and control of hypertension

One of the most influential factors for hypertension is chloride ions (Cl-), it is usually ingested through salt, and currently, many people overconsume salt. Angiotensin Confusion Enzyme (ACE) produces angiotensin II, a material that causes vasoconstriction and its activity comes from chloride ions. Chitosan acts like dietary fiber, it is not absorbed in the intestine, and excretes chloride ions through the adsorption of its own chloride ions and ammonia ions. Therefore, chitosan reduces angiotensin II. It helps prevent high blood pressure, especially for the people who consume too much salt.

Adsorption and excretion of heavy metals

A significant characteristic of chitosan is its adsorption capacity. Many low-molecular weight materials, such as metal ions, cholesterol, triglycerides, cholic acid, and organic mercury, can be adsorbed by chitosan. In particular, chitosan can not only adsorb magnesium, potassium, but also adsorb zinc, calcium, mercury and uranium. The adsorption activity of chitosan can play a selective role. Too high a concentration of these metal ions in the body is harmful. For example, high concentrations of copper ions (Cu2 +) in the blood can lead to copper poisoning and even carcinogenic consequences. Chitosan has been proved to be an efficient chelating medium. The adsorption capacity of chitosan depends on its deacetylation degree. The greater the degree of deacetylation, the stronger the adsorption ability.

Improving immunity

Chitosan has high protein adsorption ability. Chitosan is degradable under the action of lytic enzymes. Chitosan is easily processed into lines and is suitable for making linear or flaky medical materials. Also, chitosan has affinity and solubility and is suitable for the production of various derivatives. Chitosan has higher chemical activity and high water holding capacity. Chitosan is easily degraded and absorbed in serum. Chitosan has higher biodegradability. Chitosan showed a highly selective inhibition of Streptococcus growth without affecting the growth of other beneficial bacteria.

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