Do you know what’s the difference between raw garlic and black garlic ?

Garlic is a member of the onion or Allium family, it is used widely as a flavoring in cooking, and has also been used as a medicine or nutrition supplement throughout ancient and modern history to prevent and treat a wide range of conditions and diseases. According to New York Times in the year of 2002 , garlic was named as the number one of “ ten amazing health foods “

But allicin, which is a pungent active ingredient in garlic, has an unpleasant odor, most of people do not like this taste. Also, allicin can stimulate gastric mucosa, cause gastritis, gastric ulcer and other gastric diseases when eating excessive garlic .  so to get rid of the odor, we use modern biological technology to ferment fresh garlic into black garlic, while the essential effectiveness of garlic is not reduced.

difference between raw garlic and black garlic

Some comparison between Black Garlic and Raw Garlic

Raw GarlicBlack Garlic
Odor & TasteSpicy , garlic odorSweet , No smell & odor
Moisture /% W.B65.434.0
Total Acid Contents18.246.5
VOSC(volatile organic sulfur compounds)/% D.B0.650.06
Polyphenols /%0.223.1
Free Radical Scavenging Capacity  g/kg6.857.7

Black garlic benefits/effects

Anti-cancer .

Everyone knows that taking some foods which have the property of anti-acidification can prevent cancer . A study shows that black garlic has the strongest anti-acid ability among more than 200 kinds of daily foods (especially 10 times stronger than raw garlic) , such as soybean, green tea, broccoli, tomato etc . Further research revealed that S-arylcysteine , which has strong functions of preventing cancers, is generated during the fermentation process from raw garlic to black garlic , and its content in black garlic is very high , 10 times higher than raw garlic’s , that’s why black garlic has the strongest anti-cancer effect .

2 Preventing Hypertension . 

As black garlic strong antiacid property (about 200 times stronger than Vitamin E), much more sodium can be decomposed in blood vessel , which improves blood circulation and make blood pressure normal .

  1. Preventing Diabetes.

Allicin can improve insulin production , and S-allylcysteine assists with the absorption of allicin .  it accelerates the osmosis of glucose in the cells in the blood , and control blood sugar very well .

4 Anti-fatigue .  

Black garlic contains a high level of germanium , which is an important element for body cells repair and tired body recover  .

5 Improving sexual performance .  

Black garlic is rich in lead (Pb2+) , which is also called “SEX MINERAL” , can extremely adjust and enhance ovarian and spermary function .

  1. Aiding sleep.  

Allicin inhibit the excitement of nerve cells ,  alleviate and eliminate mental stress and promote sleeping .

7 Alleviating neuralgia .

Taking black garlic can make body temperature elevatory , systemic blood velocity of flow is accelerated,  and alleviate neuralgia.

8 Weight loss

Black garlic is able to promote the body metabolism , and prevent enzymes in the synthesis of fatty acid and cholesterol.