Garlic extract prevents inflammation in obesity people

Garlic extract (Allium sativum), as known as Aged Garlic extract(AGE), has been used widely as a flavoring agent, a nutrition supplement or medicine to prevent and treat a wide range of conditions and diseases for many years . Its main functions include:

Aged Garlic extract prevents inflammation

Anti-viral and Anti-bacteria


Aid in digestion

Strengthen the immune system

Currently, researchers from the University of New South Wales performed a randomized placebo-controlled test, which Assessed the effects of Aged Garlic extract on inflammation and immune systems in obesity people , the result shown that Aged Garlic extract can inhibit inflammation and improve cardiovascular health in obesity people

Before the test, the researchers recruited 51 obese volunteers and assigned them randomly. The subjects received 3.6 grams of Aged Garlic extract or placebo every day within a six weeks of intervention period . Before and after the test, the researchers assessed the levels of blood lipids and inflammation markers in the subjects.

After the test , the result shown that comparing with placebo, the IL-6 , TNF-αand other Inflammatory cytokines were reduced significantly in obesity people who were Aged Garlic extract subjects. Meanwhile, there were also significant differences in LDL (low density lipoprotein) concentrations in the blood between the two groups of subjects. However, the differences of NK cells ((natural killer cell) percentage between the two groups of subjects was not significant, and there was a difference between total cholesterol and non-HDL cholesterol, but it was not statistically significant .

The researchers said that Aged Garlic extract’s ability to regulate the distribution of immune cells and the ability to prevent increases in IL-6 and TNF serum concentrations are key to its role. Fat cells are the main cell type in adipose tissue, it can secrete IL-6, leptin and adiponectin. Among the obesity people, the number and size of fat cells is increased, which can lead to the secretion of excess fat factors in adipose tissue and an inflammatory environment is formed. Furthermore, the  levels of inflammatory agents in the serum of obesity people is positively correlated with body mass index and waist circumference, while inflammation plays an important role in the development of many diseases.

This research result is a good news for anyone who is seeking to reduce the risk of inflammation, and also, it provides a simple solution for those seeking weight management and better overall health. Yes, we need garlic extract supplement, taking 600-2000mg garlic extract daily would be useful for maintaining our cholesterol levels , and promoting our heart and cardiovascular health .