Purelife Bio release a NEW & FERMENTED Oxaloacetic acid (NLT 98% purity by HPLC)  .

What is Oxaloacetic Acid ? 

Product name :     Oxaloacetic Acid, Oxaloacetate

Synonyms            Oxosuccinic acid; Oxalacetic acid 2-Oxosuccinic

CAS Number :     328-42-7

Appearance:         White crystalline powder

MF:                  C4H4O5

MW:                 132.07

Oxaloacetic acid (cas 328-42-7) , as known as oxosuccinic acid, oxalacetic acid, is a four-carbon dicarboxylic acid appearing as an intermediate of the citric acid cycle. It is formed by the oxidation of malic acid in the Krebs Cycle , and it is an intermediate in the synthesis of amino acids and the metabolism of carbohydrates . Oxaloacetic Acid takes part in the gluconeogenesis, urea cycle, glyoxylate cycle, amino acid synthesis, fatty acid synthesis and citric acid cycle.

Oxaloacetic Acid

Oxaloacetic Acid functions :

– Increase lifespan

– Regulate blood sugar levels

– Protect pancreatic, neural and retinal tissues

– Anti-fatigue

– Boost antioxidant status ;

– Calorie restriction

– Fat loss

Generally, Oxaloacetic acid degrades immediately upon exposure to air and higher than room temps, it reacts the oxidative decarboxylation easily, so it is very unstable. Purelife bio’s fermentation method well solves the problem of thermal instability of oxaloacetic acid, which means our oxaloacetic acid can be stable at room temperature .

If the quantity is big enough (not less than 200kg ), we can also produce oxalacetic acid in the form of microencapsulation , which is another good method to improve product stability