Olive leaf extract Oleuropein

Oleuropein is a glycosylated seco-iridoid, a type of phenolic bitter compound found in green olives, olive leaves, and argan oil. The effectiveness of olive leaf extract depends largely on the on the rate of oleuropein. Oleuropein and its metabolite hydroxytyrosol have powerful antioxidant activity in vivo and in vitro. Now olive leaf extract Oleuropein is widely used in medical and health care, more and more people who advocates natural therapy have begun to take olive leaf extract.

Olive leaf extract Oleuropein

The main benefit of Olive leaf extract Oleuropein is lowering blood pressure, but new research has revealed that its health benefits also include anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. Modern medicine uses olive leaf extracts to help fight atherosclerosis, diabetes, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and even arthritis.

As per clinical research, Olive leaf extract oleuropein is safe and effective in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, while maintaining normal cholesterol and blood pressure levels is a key factor in preventing heart disease and cardiovascular health. 500mg oleuropein twice a day with the prescription captopril have the same reduction in systolic pressure and diastolic pressure in patients with hypertension. In Europe and the United States, most patients and people who is at risk of hypertension always take olive leaf extract as their first choice of supplement for blood vessel cleaning, and cholesterol lowering . Also, as a natural herbal supplement, olive leaf extract is no side effects.

Cardiovascular diseases also received good feedback from the use of olive leaf extract oleuropein. According to laboratory and preliminary clinical studies, Olive leaf extracts can alleviate the discomfort caused by insufficient arterial flow, including angina and intermittent claudication. It helps to eliminate atrial fibrillation (arrhythmias), reduce hypertension and inhibit oxidation to produce LDL cholesterol.

Oleuropein can protect skin cells from ultraviolet light, prevent the decomposition of skin membrane lipids by ultraviolet light, promote fiber cells to produce collagen, reduce the secretion of cellulose, and prevent the anti-polyglycan reaction of cell membranes, therefore , the fiber cells can be highly protected against natural damage caused by oxidation and ultraviolet light, which effectively maintain the skin softness and elasticity.

Also, in the Mediterranean, olive leaf extract have long been used as a folk remedy for arthritis. Now, scientific evidence has shown that olive leaf extracts can interfere with the development of gout, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Gout is a painful type of arthritis that results when uric acid crystals build up in the joints, while Uric acid is a product of the metabolism of DNA and RNA by xanthine oxidase enzyme. Olive leaf extract oleuropein can inhibit xanthine oxidase, convert DNA and RNA into uric acid enzymes to prevent uric acid accumulation.

Oleuropein is an important promoter of the process of phagocytosis. This is the mechanism by which immune cells—called phagocytes—surround, consume, and destroy invaders. Additionally, as much as oleuropein interferes with free radical reactions, it also blocks the reproductive ability of certain viruses and pathogens, such as the flu. So not only can oleuropein promote the immune system, it can make sure there are fewer pathogens that need to be eliminated at the same time.