AHCC (mushroom compound extract)

What is AHCC (Mushroom Compound Extract) ?


AHCC (Mushroom Compound Extract) , as known as Active Hexose Correlated Compound is an alpha-glucan rich nutritional ingredient extracted from fermented mushroom. It has proven that AHCC strengthens human’s immune system , and has a big potential for anti-cancer .

The main active ingredient of AHCC is polysaccharides, which includes beta-glucan (β-glucan) and acetylated α-glucan. Glucans are known to have immune stimulating effects. The low molecular weight of acetylated α -glucan (around 5000 daltons) is easily absorbed into the system compared to the higher molecular weight of β-glucan, which is in the range of tens to hundreds of thousands of daltons.

AHCC (Mushroom Compound Extract) Benefits


AHCC stimulates cell-mediated immunity by activating the white blood cells, particularly natural killer cells (NK cells) and macrophages, which directly attack abnormal cells, virus-infected cells or external viral and bacterial pathogens that enter the body.

AHCC is known to modulate tumor immune surveillance by regulating innate and adaptive immune system responses. The compound may act as a biological response modifier by enhancing natural killer cell activity, interleukin-12 and tumor immunity production, and spleen cell proliferation and cytokine production

AHCC improves glucose control for Diabetic Patient.
AHCC increases platelet count and helps blood-related symptoms of idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP), such as bruises and petechiae.

AHCC (Mushroom Compound Extract) recommended dosage 

As an antioxidant, 3g of active hexose correlated compound (AHCC) has been used daily.

For immune function, 3g of AHCC has been taken daily for three weeks to six months.

For liver function, one gram and three grams of AHCC have been taken daily for 12 weeks.

For hepatitis, two grams has been used three times daily for six months.

For idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, 1.5 grams has been used daily for an unspecified duration.

For cancer, 9g of AHCC has been used daily for up to 12 years.

AHCC (Mushroom Compound Extract) Specifications Purelife bio supplies :

AHCC 10%,20%,30% ,40%,50%&70% polysaccharides

Good Quality of AHCC (Mushroom Compound Extract)

  • 100% GMO Free
  • 100% Pesticide Free
  • Non-irradiation
  • Water extraction only

Flow Chart of AHCC (mushroom compound extract)

 Six Raw materials (Agaricus blazei  , Hericium erinaceus , Black fungus, Ganoderma lucidum, Maitake mushroom, Shiitake mushroom )

Blending (all raw materials at a specific ratio) & Pulverization


Water extraction (using water to steep it. Under the 100℃, 3 hours , and 3 times.)



SpaydryingTestPacking(25kg/drum) →Finished

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