Garlic extract (Allium sativum), as known as Aged Garlic extract, has been used widely as a nutrition supplement or medicine to prevent and treat a wide range of conditions and diseases for many years ,such as intestinal disorders, flatulence, worms, respiratory infections, skin diseases, wounds, symptoms of aging

garlic extract

Although Garlic has many benefits for human being, it has an unpleasant odor, most people do not like this taste ,so we use modern biological technology, to enrichment the elite containing in the Garlic, and get rid of the odor of the product ,we call it Garlic Extract

The key compounds in Garlic include :

  • Sulfur compounds: Aliin, Allicin, Ajoene, Diallyl Sulfide (DAS), S-allylcysteine(SAC), S-methyl cysteine, S-allyl mercaptocystein(SAMC), and others
  • Enzymes: Allinase, Peroxidases, Myrosinase and others
  • Trace Minerals : Selenium, Germanium, Tellurium and other

garlic extract active ingredients

Benefits of Garlic extract

  • Anti-Viral (including common cold virus )
  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-Bacterial . wide spectrum of sensitive bacteria both gram positive and negative
  • Anti-Cholesterol
  • Anti-Oxidant
  • Garlic extract is considered the most powerful product for anti-cancer
  • Lower blood pressure & blood sugar levels
  • Weight loss through preventing fat build up

As one of leading manufacturers specializing in deep processing of garlic , Purelife Bio produce & export Garlic extract Powder, Granule, Liquid and Garlic Oil more than 10 years .

Purelife bio’s top quality of Garlic extract :

  1. For raw material , fresh garlics are no pesticide residue, intact firm and no cracks with high quality . Also , all garlics are from Jinxiang , Shandong province , which is known as hometown of Chinese Garlic .
  2. cGMP, ISO manufacturer
  3. Meets CPh, USP,EP,BP standard
  4. 100% GMO Free
  5. 100% No Irradiation
  6. 100% No ETO treatment
  7. Many different kinds of specifications in the form of powder, granular ,liquid and oil

Purelife Bio regular specifications of Garlic extract series include :

Allicin 0.1%-5% PowderOdorless
Allicin 0.1%-2% GranuleOdorless
Alliin 0.2%-5% powderOdorless
Alliin 0.2%-2% granuleOdorless
Garlic powder with all kinds of ratio specs

such as 10:1,20:1 , 50:1 etc

Garlic polysaccharides≥10.0%, ≥30.0% PowderOdorless
Garlic Concentrated Liquid with all kinds of ratio specs

Such as 4:1 ,10:1,50:1,100:1 etc

Allicin≥1.0%, 2.0% OilOdorless
Vinyldithiins≥120mcg/ml ,Oil
Ajoene≥30mcg/ml ,Oil
Garlic Oil 50:1, 100:1Odorless
Fermented Black Garlic Powder Polyphenols≥3%Odorless
Fermented Black Garlic Powder Flavonoids≥5%Odorless
Fermented Black Garlic Powder S-arylcysteine≥2%Odorless
Fermented Black Garlic Extract Liquid ≥ 16.0 Brix , 65.0 BrixOdorless

Purelife Bio key specifications of Garlic extract series include :

  • 1%-3% Allicin powder by INA method , odorless & water-soluble
  • 1%-99% Alliin powder, odorless & water-soluble (the content of total thiosulfinates and Gamma glytamylcysteine can be adjusted according to customer requirement )
  • Garlic extract 1%-5% Ajoene powder (higher content can be customized )
  • Garlic extract 1%-5% S-arylcysteine powder (higher content can be customized )
  • Garlic EC for poultry directly
  • Garlic EC for Organic agriculture
  • Garlic EC for Bacteriostasis and sterilization in feeding area

We can also produce other specs of Garlic extract , as well as all kinds of Garlic capsules, tablets and drinks according to customers’ spec and formulation .

If you want more detailed info , please free to contact Purelife Bio ,we are willing to provide you sufficient technical support , and professional & one- stop service!