Product name : Red yeast rice

CAS Number :  75330-75-5

Appearance:   Red powder

MF:         C24H36O5

MW:        404.54

red yeast rice

What is Red Yeast Rice?

Red yeast rice(RYR) is a product of yeast that is grown on rice. It has been used with diet, exercise, and medical care to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It may reduce levels of “bad” cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein, or LDL) and triglycerides in the blood, and may also increase levels of “good” cholesterol (high-density lipoprotein, or HDL).

How Does Red Yeast Rice Work?

Red yeast rice is a natural byproduct of fermented red rice that supports the body’s normal ability to maintain normal-range cholesterol levels. It supports the liver in its efforts to regulate the release of cholesterol into the bloodstream. Those using red rice products should supplement with coenzyme Q10 (Co-Q10), because RYR can interfere with the normal production of this important liver metabolite

Red Yeast Rice functions

• Supports Healthy Cardiovascular

• Promotes Blood Circulation

• Speeds Up the Vital Metabolic Process

• Helps with Digestive Problems

• Increases Function of the Spleen

• Helps Lower Blood Cholesterol Levels

Red Yeast Rice Recommended dosage

As a dietary supplement take 600 milligrams one to two times daily or as directed by a physician. For best results, take with at least 200mg Coenzyme Q10.

Purelife bio Specifications of Red yeast rice :

  • RYR ( Monacolin and Citrinin Free) powder & Granular powder
  • RYR Monacolin-K 0.4%–5% powder & Granular powder , Citrinin Free
  • RYR Monacolin-K 0.4%–5% powder & Granular powder , Citrinin Free, Water soluble
  • RYR Monacolin-K 0.4%–5% powder & Granular powder , Citrinin Free, DC Grade
  • RYR capsule and softgel

Purelife bio top quality of Red yeast rice

As the active ingredient of red yeast rice, Monacolin-K has two isomers: Lactone form Monacolin-K & Acid form Monacolin-K , and both are also called Closed-loop and Open-loop Monacolin-K .

red yeast rice acid and lactone form

Acid form Monacolin-K (Open-loop) is the main active ingredient. Lactone form Monacolin-K(Closed-loop) is inactive ,it can play a lipid-lowering effect only after it is transformed into the Acid form Monacolin-K by hydrolyzing the carboxyl esterase that produced by human body. But as the big individual differences of the body’s ability to produce carboxyl esterase, lactone form Monacolin-K can’t be absorbed very well by all people . Therefore, the quality/effect of RYR depends on the content of Acid form Monacolin-K , the higher content of Acid form RYR contains , the better quality/effect it has .

But on the other hand , Acid form Monacolin-K is not stable , it is changed into lactone form easily by dehydrating at high temperature , that’s why most of red yeast rice in market don’t have an ideal acid content level . According to our investigation , for most producers , their acid content can’t be higher than 50% , some suppliers even provide at 10% level only .

Due to our unique & advanced production process, Purelife Bio provides Red yeast rice with Top Quality:

  • Citrinin free
  • The ratio of acid & lacton form can be adjusted according to customers’ requirement .
  • The total plate count can be less than 1,000 without Co60 irradiation
  • cGMP manufacturer