Black Garlic, as known as fermented black garlic, aged black garlic, produced by fermentation, is a great diet & nutrition supplement for people

Black garlic

1 What is fermented black garlic

In ancient times, garlic was used as a remedy for intestinal disorders, flatulence, worms, respiratory infections, skin diseases, wounds, symptoms of aging, and many other ailments. To date, more than 3000 publications from all over the world have gradually confirmed the traditionally recognized health benefits of garlic.

Although Garlic has so many benefits to human body, but it has an unpleasant odor. most of people do not like this taste ,so we use modern biological technology to ferment fresh garlic, to enrich the elite containing in the Garlic ,and get rid of the odor of the product , we call it fermented black garlic extract .

Fermented black garlic contains multiple trace elements, according to a test report ,every 100g black garlic contains water 43.6g, Mg 52mg, Ca 13mg ,Fe 2.1mg, Na 36mg, K 930mg, Zn 1.4mg , VitaminB3 10.048mg etc , it is much higher than raw garlic . Also, black garlic tastes sweet and a little acidic without garlic odor, that means it doesn’t leave you with bad breath .

Fermented Black Garlic’s anti-oxidation and water-soluble capability is 10 times higher than that of raw garlic, while the essential effectiveness of garlic is not reduced.

The main effects of ferment black garlic are from three of its active ingredients:

  1. As an unique active ingredient in fermented black garlic, Ajoene has very strong effects on antithrombosis , breaking down fat, lowering cholesterol biosynthesis, promoting brain activation and preventing a variety of chronic disease .
  2. The content of polyphenol in aged black garlic is much higher (10 times at least) than that in raw garlic, it means fermented black garlic has much stronger effect of inhibiting oxidation of cholesterol, and preventing arterial sclerosis.
  3. Free Amino Acids (FAA). FAA is much more easily absorbed by human body.  S-arylcysteine , which has function of preventing cancers, inhibiting cholesterol, preventing heart diseases and Alzheimer’s disease, etc ,  does only exist in fermented black garlic , we can’t find it in raw garlic

The aged black garlic is obtained as a food without any additive only by self-aging. It’s a simple and natural prescription for better health.

Fermented Black Garlic has powerful antioxidant , and it is a great diet & nutrition supplement for people who have high blood pressure, cholesterol or blood sugar and cancer .

2 Nutritional facts of Black Garlic Bulb

ASP550 mg/100g
THR170 mg/100g
SER240 mg/100g
GLU1130 mg/100g
GLY210 mg/100g
ALA250 mg/100g
VAL270 mg/100g
MET70 mg/100g
ILE260 mg/100g
LEU340 mg/100g
TYR170 mg/100g
PHE230 mg/100g
LYS170 mg/100g
HIS70 mg/100g
ARG640 mg/100g
PRO100 mg/100g
TRP30 mg/100g
CYS90 mg/100g
Moisture35.5 g/100g
Ash Content2.24 g/100g
Xylose0.4 g/100g
Glucose2.1 g/100g
Fructose21.6 g/100g
Sucrose1.7 g/100g
Malt Dust0.08 g/100g
Polyphenol710 g/100g
Na38.4 mg/100g
K888 mg/100g
Mg54.8 mg/100g
Ca21.8 mg/100g
Fe1.5 mg/100g
Zn1.01 mg/100g

3  Fermented black garlic benefits/functions

  • Anti-aging
  • Anti-fatigue, aiding sleep and soothe the nerves
  • Anti-inflammatory, Anti-cancer
  • Boosting your liver function
  • Boosting strength
  • Enhancing bowel function, Improving digestion
  • Fat loss, helping the body break down fat
  • Preventing high blood pressure
  • Preventing diabetes

4  Purelife bio’s specifications for black garlic :

Fermented Black Garlic extract 3% Polyphenols powder

Fermented Black Garlic extract 5% Flavonoids powder

Fermented Black Garlic extract 1%-5% S-aryl-L-cysteine powder

Fermented Black Garlic Liquid ≥ 65.0 Brix

Fermented Black Garlic soft gel / capsule

Fermented Black Garlic Bulb

Fermented Black Garlic Granule

This spec list is only designed to indicate the range of products available.

We welcome your enquiry for any Garlic products that does not appear on this list. More detailed informations , please feel free to contact us , our scientists would like to give you sufficient technical support and one- stop service!

5  Fermented black garlic recommended dosage

1000-2000mg per day

It depends on user’s age, health, and other conditions.

6  Production process of Fermented Black Garlic Powder

aging process of black garlic from fresh garlic

Jinxiang fresh Garlic (Raw material)→ Selecting→Peeling → Washing →Fermentation( Moisture, Temperature and Humidity Control)→ Drying→ Grinding→ De-ioned Water Extract→ Centrifugal Separation→ Refining→ Vacuum Evaporation Concentration →Precision Filtration→ Spray Drying→Testing → Sieve → Packing →Sterilization → Product

We produce black garlic from organic garlic according to GMP standard and have the certificate of Kosher. Strong technical and academic support from our R&D team consists of professors and PhDs.