AlphaGrain™, owned by Purelife Bio, is an exclusive specification of Alpha GPC (L-a-glyceryl phosphorylcholine ) with a special production technology .

AlphaGrain Alpha GPC

Why AlphaGrain™?

Simply, it is a nutritional supplement with “Granular” powder for “Brain” health.

“Grain” is natural, and it provides many nutrients that are vital for maintenance of our bodies and the health, such as heart health, Cardiovascular health, brain health etc. As the importance of grain to human being, AlphaGrain™ is an important dietary supplements for Brain health, and it is 100% PURE.

AlphaGrain™ TOP quality:

  • 100% do not contain any animal ingredients
  • 100% GMO Free
  • 100% Pesticide Free
  • Comply with vegetarian diets standard
  • Only Ethanol (Drug grade) used as solvents, no other organic solvents used.
  • It meets API standard
  • Available in US warehouse

AlphaGrain™-GPC Benefits:

  • Help brain recovery following injury, coma, and surgery
  • Improve memory, cognitive performance and learning ability
  • Protect the brain and other organs against toxic waste buildup
  • Support patients recovering from cerebral ischemic attacks
  • Increase the release of dopamine, the neurotransmitter that plays a major role in Parkinson’s disease
  • Improve power output, boost fat burning, encourage muscle building in athletes.
  • Increase and maintain human growth hormone (HGH)

AlphaGrain alpha GPC

On the other hand, “Grain” means “granule”. Unlike regular alpha GPC fine powder on the market, Purelife Bio AlphaGrain™ is 50% GRANULAR powder.

In general, the common Alpha GPC is highly hygroscopic, and easy to damp.

To be specific, under the 50%-60% relative air humidity , alpha GPC powder that exposed to the air , always disables its flowability very quickly (within five minutes),  and with the gradually increasing of sticky level , alpha GPC can be turned into liquid in 30 minutes . That way, the sticky alpha GPC is very difficult to further be processed for tablets and capsules.

  • For hard capsule, the sticky powder with bad flow ability blocks filling tube easily, it makes capsule filling not smooth, and increases the deviation of filling dosage. Even if alpha GPC is filled in capsule, its hygroscopic characteristics will cause the capsule deformation and deterioration.
  • For softgel capsule, as the strong hygroscopic characteristics, alpha GPC can absorb moisture from softgel shell, and make softgel break.
  • For tablet, the sticky alpha GPC material can stick to the die and punch of press machine easily, it increases the tablet defect rate, and the cost is increased accordingly.

Purelife Bio’s special technology (patent pending) improves alpha GPC’s stability, the novel powder is not hygroscopic, and flows very well. Under 50% relative air humidity (room temperature), there is no change on the granular alpha GPC after it is exposed to the air 48 hours. We believe the time can be longer if the experiment time is longer.

Therefore, for all kinds of Alpha GPC products, the granular powder is the most appropriate specification for mass production and storage of tablets and capsules.

Purelife Bio is the most reliable manufacturer for alpha GPC , if you are interested in this granular Alpha GPC powder , and want more product information , such as : Product specification, Certificate of Analysis, Flow chart, Stability test report and so on , welcome to contact us .