Product name :    Phosphatidylserine, Phosphatidyl Serine, PS

Chemical name :   1,2-Distearoyl phosphatidyl serine;


CAS Number :     51446-62-9

Appearance:      Fine light yellow-white powder

Specification :     20% 50% 70% 80% 95% HPLC

Source :          Soybean, Sunflower seeds and Krill oil

Quality Standard :  IP, Kosher certificate




PhosphatidylSerine reviews/What is phosphatidyl serine ?

Like phosphatidylcholine (PC), phosphatidylethanolamine (PE), Phosphatidyl Serine is also a phospholipid compound derived from soy lecithin that plays an essential role in cell membrane composition and intercellular communication. Phosphatidyl Serine is a major structural component of neural membranes where it assists in the conduction of electrical impulses and facilitates the activity of neurotransmitters involved in learning, memory, and mood.

How Does Phosphatidylserine (PS)Work?

Phosphatidylserine is an important chemical with widespread functions in the body. It is part of the cell structure and is key in the maintenance of cellular function, especially in the brain.

Phosphatidylserine (PS) Functions/Benefits :

  • Improving Concentration and Short Term Memory.
    ·Effectively alleviating Depression – especially in elderly.
    ·Helping stabilize Brain Wave patterns in Epileptics.
  • Helping individuals cope with both physical and emotional stress
    ·Increasing Intelligence.
    ·Preventing the decline in Learning capacity that occurs with age.
    ·Improving Mood (especially in elderly persons.)
    ·Stimulating release of the brain neurotransmitter Dopamine.
    ·Improving Reflexes [as judged by flicker-fusion response time].
    ·Increasing production of the brain neurotransmitter acetylcholine.
    ·Supporting memory, learning and other cognitive functions

Phosphatidylserine (PS) Recommended dosage

For the purpose of improving mental function, PS is usually taken in dosages of 100 mg two to three times daily. After maximum effect is achieved, the dosage can reportedly be reduced to 100 mg daily without losing benefit. PS can be taken with or without meals.

When taking PS for sports purposes, athletes sometimes take as much as 800 mg daily.