HMB is a good supplement for sport nutrition

HMB is a good supplement for sport nutrition. HMB, as known as Beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate Calcium widely exists in animals and plants, such as purple alfalfa, grapefruit and squid. It was discovered by American scientists in the 1990s, and they found HMB Ca is a good supplement for sport nutrition.

HMB for sports nutrition

HMB is an intermediate metabolite of Leucine that a kind of human essential amino acid. And the human body itself can also produce a small amount of HMB. Under normal diet conditions, the body produces about 300 to 400 milligrams per day, of which 90% comes from the catabolism of Leucine.

Studies have shown that in the human body, 5% -10% of Leucine generates HMB through two metabolic pathways: one is that Leucine is transaminated in the liver or other tissues to produce αketoisocaproic acid (KIC). In liver mitochondria, α-KIC irreversibly produces isovaleryl-acetyl-CoA via the oxidation of α-ketoacid dehydrogenase, further metabolizing to HMB . The other one is in liver cells, α-KIC directly generates HMB under the catalysis of dioxygenase.

HMB can promote muscle growth, reduce muscle loss, increase muscle strength and delay muscle fatigue. The mechanism of HMB in the human body has been extensively studied, at present, the identified mechanism is:

1, HMB activates mammalian mTOR pathways and increases IGF-1 expression, increasing muscle protein synthesis

2, HMB inhibits the expression and activity of ubiquitin-protease pathway and inhibits muscle protein degradation

3, HMB inhibits muscle protein degradation by reducing cystease activity and reducing apoptosis during catabolism

4, HMB reduces systemic chronic inflammation

5, HMB increases satellite cell activity and enhances muscle regeneration.

metabolism of HMB Ca in body

HMB is an intermediate metabolite of Leucine, toxicological studies have proved that HMB is safe and no adverse reactions have been found. A large number of clinical studies have been conducted on HMB, and no reports of HMB side effects have been found so far. Also, a large number of human clinical studies have shown that it is safe to take 3 grams of HMB per day.

In 1995, HMB passed the FDA’s GRAS assessment and was approved for nutritional foods and special meals. In 1997, the EU approved HMB as an ordinary food raw material, and in 2009, Japan also incorporated it into food raw materials.

In order to facilitate storage and use, HMB is produced as HMB calcium salt .HMB calcium is a white powder, flows well and soluble in water. It is stable and has a high melting point(>200°C) with good thermal tolerance. It’s suitable for capsules, tablets, tablet sugar, hard sugar, solid powder products, energy drinks, juice drinks and dairy products.

As HMB good effect, as well as its completely safety, since HMB was discovered in 1996, many famous sports nutrition brands have launched HMB related products and achieved success in the market. It can be used for muscle mass , fat loss , HMB is a good supplement for sport nutrition