Black garlic health benefits. Black Garlic, as known as fermented black garlic, aged black garlic, it is made from fresh garlic by naturally fermenting in a fermentative room with high temperature and humidity for 60-90 days. After fermentation, the nutrient composition of black garlic has changed compared with the fresh garlic, therefore, black garlic clove is not spicy, odorless, and has a sour and sweet taste.

Black garlic health benefits

Garlic contains many ingredients, such as Alliin, Allicin and various polyphenols. These substances have shown good antioxidant properties in chemical tests and cell experiments. And in animal experiments, they also shown various “health care functions”. Some experiment found that the content and activity of these substances increased significantly after fresh garlic is fermented to black garlic, for example , the content of Alliin increases 5–6 times, the “superoxide dismutase activity”, “catalase removal activity” and polyphenol content are respectively increased 13, 10 and 10 times .

Also , the test result shown that black garlic contains much more SAC (>10 times) higher than fresh garlic. SAC (S-allyl-L-cysteine) is an odorless and bioactive organosulfur compound, studies have shown numerous healthful properties of SAC including helping to lower cholesterol, antioxidation , enhance immune system etc.

After fresh garlic is fermented to black garlic, why do these substances to increase so dramatically? There are three main mechanisms speculated in the literature:

1 Some of these substances are closely combined to other ingredietns in fresh garlic, and they are released during prolonged heating.

2 There are some enzymes in fresh garlic that reduce or inhibit the activity of these substances, during the production of black garlic, these enzymes lose their activity, so the activity of these substances increase.

3 During browning, simple polyphenols forms polyphenols complex, which are much more antioxidant

Black garlic health benefits

Black garlic contains components that effectively block the synthesis of nitrosamines, which is a cancer-causing substance, meanwhile, black garlic is also rich in selenium, can strongly inhibit and kill cancer cells. Black garlic has been verified to have prevention and inhibition of many cancers.

Black garlic is rich in water-soluble antioxidant Polyphenols (10 time more than fresh garlic), polyphenols can combine with vitamin B1 in the human body and produce Alliin , which enhances the oxidative function of carbohydrates, and provides enough energy for brain cells, then prevents Alzheimer’s disease.

Black garlic are also called” vascular scavenger”, as it can effectively prevent vascular wall deposition, while vascular wall deposition is a major cause of cardiovascular disease. Vascular wall deposition will produce arterial occlusion over a long period of time, and cause high blood viscosity, myocardial infarction and heart disease.

Black garlic contains SAC (S-allyl-L-cysteine) which is a sulfur containing amino acid that naturally exists in fresh garlic and black garlic only.  Since SAC is stable and water soluble, it is absorbed more quickly and easily by the body, meanwhile, SAC also assists in absorption of the fat soluble allicin, therefore , maybe SAC is the most important active ingredient for black garlic health benefits. Researchers have found that SAC has the following benefits on human body:

  • Maintains healthy cholesterol levels and cardiovascular system
  • Enhances immune system
  • Preventing Diabetes. 

Allicin improves insulin production , and SAC assists with the absorption of allicin, it accelerates the osmosis of glucose in the cells in the blood , and control blood sugar very well .

  • Prevents Hypertension

As black garlic strong antiacid property (about 200 times stronger than Vitamin E), much more sodium can be decomposed in blood vessel , which improves blood circulation and make blood pressure normal

  • Antioxidant

Black Garlic Extract SAC, with 10 times the antioxidant effect of raw garlic, offers support to help protect against free radicals and what’s more it is odorless.